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Aloha is more than just a greeting or farewell, it's a way of life.

Aloha Cycle Club is the perfect place to enjoy beat driven indoor cycling classes. We are all about tapping into that mind body connection and making sure you carry the afterglow of your workout with you long after you leave the studio.

Class Structure

Our signature "Aloha Ride" consists of a warm up, followed by high intensity interval training, a portion of upper body strength movements using light hand weights, punctuated with some mindfulness training, and ending with a cool down and stretching. We also offer other class types, please scroll down for our class descriptions.

Classes are typically 45 to 50 minutes but give yourself an hour to enjoy the full Aloha experience.

What to expect?


A high intensity cardiovascular group fitness workout


A full-body workout with core strengthening and upper body toning using light weights


Curated playlists that drive and inspire riders to pedal to the beat of the music


A short meditation session focused on connecting with your breath

Cleated Shoes

All riders wear cleated shoes (which we provide) that clip onto the bike's pedals. Being clipped in will give you a more well rounded, fluid and stable pedal stroke. During class, you will sometimes be instructed to lift yourself off the saddle of your bike. Therefore, stability and balance are important. Being clipped in is a more enjoyable way of riding a stationary bike. Why? Because you won't be wasting energy focusing on stabilising your feet within loose toe cages, or having your feet cramp from tightly strapped toe cages.

At Aloha Cycle Club, we fitted our bikes with a three-way pedal connection for Look Delta and SPD compatible cleats, as well as toe cages for normal athletic shoes (only to be used if for some reason, we are unable to provide with appropriately sized cycling shoes).

Music Matters

Be prepared to listen to anything from hip hop to country, from '70s music to house. Riding to the beat of the music is not about dancing on a bike (though we love dancing). It is about strength, consistency and power, as your legs and body move to stay in sync with the music and your fellow riders. The tempo of the music dictates how fast you ride, and we always ride together. The more you do it, the better you become. Your instructor and your fellow riders are always there to help keep you on track!

Aloha Ride

Our signature 45 minute beat driven indoor cycling class includes a warm up, followed by aerobic and anaerobic interval training, a portion of upper body strength movements, punctuated with some mindfulness training and a cool down.  

Ala Ride

Ala in Hawaiian means road, path or way. Our 45 minute “Ala Ride” will take you on an indoor cycling journey set to pumping music, inclusive of resistance and speed training, and an overall kick-ass high intensity cardiovascular workout.

Intro Ride

Indoor cycling is for everyone! If you are an absolute beginner or just would like to take it easy on the bike, fret not…we have a class for you! This class is a great 45 minute cardio workout for those seeking to break a sweat and learn the basic movements of indoor cycling.

Ride & HIIT

Join us for a 20 minute Ride, 15 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and 10 minute Stretch. With this class we take it outside and work on your coordination, strength and conditioning. The perfect combination! NOTE: Please bring along trainers as the HIIT will be conducted outside the studio!

Aloha Signature (Aloha Muscle Club)

An hour long class, great for any level of experience. The mobility warm-up preps the body for the focus of the session - either upper, lower body, or core. Expect bodyweight and free-weight movements that tone and strengthen the muscles. Next, it's a sweat-fest with some short, sharp intervals that elevate the heart-rate. Lastly, in true Aloha style, we cool down with gentle stretching, and body and breath awareness techniques to cultivate that greater mind-body connection.

Aloha Recovery (Aloha Muscle Club)

An hour long class for when you need some active recovery and rest from training. This class helps your nervous system to shift into the "rest & digest" state (as opposed to the stressful "fight or flight" one) through the use of gentle movement, stretches, and deep breath-work. A relaxed nervous system means better overall health, including your ability to be flexible, your organ functions, and sleep quality - which ultimately means being able to train and perform better when you come in for your next sweaty session.

Movement (Aloha Muscle Club)

This class focuses on improving mind-body connection and functional movement by increasing range of motion and stability. Sandra leads this through mindful philosophy and a combination of kinetic, dynamic and passive stretches. Mobility & recovery not only serves to strengthen smaller muscle groups and joint stabilisers, but also encourages muscles to recover into a healthy resting state. This class also serves to complement performance in most athletic fields.

Intervals (Aloha Muscle Club)

Intervals is a high intensity interval training that combines a full body and cardio workout that will tone your body, improve your endurance, build up your stamina and clear your mind. This class is suitable for beginners all the way to advanced, as Denisa always provides options and adjusts exercises according to your needs. This class is jam-packed, energetic and full of fun.

Aloha Step (Aloha Muscle Club)

A 45-minute energising cardio workout using height adjustable step boards. Choreographed routines with some dance moves and great music will get your heart pumping, help you burn plenty of calories and have a lot of fun. Suitable for people of all ages and levels.

Aloha Strength (Aloha Muscle Club)

An hour long class focused on building a strong, stable body that is more in control of the way in which it moves. Warm up includes mobility work to prepare for the focal positions. Expect the classes to feature your fundamental strength movements like squatting, deadlifting, push ups, pull ups etc. As always with our classes, it is also about getting to know your body better, and starting to develop a clearer understanding of your true capability. It is advised that you have done a Signature Class or have some strength work experience before your first try, but beginners are welcome!

Aloha Signature & Strength Plus (Aloha Muscle Club)

This is an Aloha Signature OR Strength Class inclusive of a 30 minute Aloha Recovery session at the end to give you that perfect wind-down and reconnection. A class with a total of 90 minutes.

Aloha Conditioning (Aloha Muscle Club)

An hour long class that uses rest and work time domains with the aim to improve your ability to work harder for longer! The class is about understanding pacing, so you can apply the correct effort to each interval you work through. Some classes will be more focused on endurance, and some more on a sprint-like pace, but all will make you sweat and get help you gain better awareness of how much you can push. It is advised that you have done a Signature Class or have some conditioning work experience before joining this class!

Release (Aloha Muscle Club)

A class that will guide you through a self deep tissue massage session using therapy balls followed by deep stretches. Through self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques, you will learn to release the trigger points or knots in the muscles. Together with deep breathing, the session will help you ease soreness, minimise injuries and enhance performance.

Callisthenics (Aloha Muscle Club)

This class with Kevin is all about training the body using bodyweight as the primary form of resistance. This unique form of training helps to build up your strength, speed, coordination and stamina.

Yoga (Aloha Muscle Club)

Yoga with Tissie is an adaptive class. The pace, difficulty, and theme change according to the real-time context of the participants. Expect small discussions around yoga concepts, encouragement of shared experiences, and an aim to learn about your individual body and mind. This is anti-competition and “perfect form” yoga. Poses and sequences will be used based on their energetic effects. It is best participants know to do basic yoga breathing before joining this class, and are comfortable with the idea of focused breath-work, and the use of sound.