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As most of us know... the Avengers have their Chris’. But now we’ve added our own Chris to the Aloha assemble. This guy is someone who just can’t - sit - still. A keen believer in challenging limits and chasing up that sweat, he’s played squash for KL, ran marathons and hiked up mountains. And now he’s finally bringing it to the indoor cycling scene! In his spare time he plays the bass guitar, so let's say he is no stranger to catching that beat. Chris will get you sprinting and jumping to a good mix of head banging 80’s rock, old school tunes and remixes. You’ll be drenched in sweat for sure! But don’t miss out on his mindfulness exercises that’ll leave you refreshed and feeling good after your ride. So keep calm, and rock it out with Chris on the bike!



07:15 am

Aloha Ride

45 minutes

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