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Ladies and gentleman, fasten your cleats, stow your baggage, and make sure your handle bar and seats are adjusted to the right position. You’re about to be taken on a journey, and Denisa’s eclectic taste in music will be the soundtrack for your ride. As a lifelong athlete with a PhD in Sport Science (yes she's a doctor), Denisa knows exactly what it takes to get you fit. She has extensive international experience and has been working in the fitness industry all over the world (USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, Malta, and the Middle East). Her multiple certifications in Indoor Cycling, Dance, Step, TRX, Fitball, Functional Training and Yoga speak to her passion for what she does. Denisa teaches our Ala Ride, so buckle in and get ready to be swept away on this mental and physical journey.



09:30 am

Ala Ride

45 minutes

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