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This girl right here is Sandra. She teaches in both Aloha Muscle Club and Cycle Club! In search of a low impact physical activity to relieve pains from scoliosis, Sandra found yoga 5 years ago and was taken by her very first experience being guided through Atha (being in the 'now') practice. Since then she has been taking her yoga studies deeper under the tutelage of Manoj Kaimal. In 2016, she took her Yoga Alliance TTC 200hrs and found fulfillment in sharing knowledge and wisdom with other practitioners. She has a love for Alambana (support) Yoga, which isn't a particular style of yoga, but instead is an approach to alignment-specific yoga that is assisted by props, allowing the practitioner to modify and adjust poses to their specific capabilities. She believes in creating a strong and safe foundation for any physical practice, with focus on building mobility and strength for performance and will integrate the necessary techniques required to instill the practice of deliberate and conscientious movement, in support of any workout a practitioner may prefer. Catch her classes soon!


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