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This is Tissie. Our awesome programme director for Aloha Muscle Club. She’s a powerhouse and the driving force for all we have to order in this new space. Tissie first fell in love with yoga while studying an English Lit degree at university. She then began her yoga training and knew in her heart that teaching yoga was what she wanted to do. While completing a well accredited 1000-hour yoga therapy course, she concurrently began studying a degree in Acupuncture - just because, you know, why not?! After a number of years teaching yoga and practicing acupuncture, she found CrossFit and other sports to play a big part in her life. She had never had anything challenge her in the way that CrossFit did. She soon discovered that yoga therapy and a more physical type of training like CrossFit really worked well together. When she moved to KL, Tissie started studying Applied Movement Neurology which truly ties everything together - contemporary and traditional modalities of working with the mind, body and spirit!


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